When waste collection services are not available or if there is a delay, most people burn rubbish in garden. A bonfire in the backyard, and away goes all the rubbish. Moreover, it is not illegal to do so. Just that you need to know certain rules and regulations before you get to the burning part. Here, we have compiled for you almost everything you need to know regarding garden fires for burning rubbish.  Besides, these rules and regulations help ensure everyone’s wellbeing. After all, there are so many ways for a bonfire to go wrong. So, if you do not want to cause any uncontrollable fires in the area, you better pay heed and stick to these rules and regulations for good. What’s more, if you poorly plan the fire, burning rubbish in it can pollute the air with unwanted and harmful fumes, particles, and smoke. 

Legality to burn rubbish in garden 

As aforementioned, it is perfectly legal to burn rubbish in garden. However, you need to follow a certain set of rules that help you keep the fire controlled. Primarily, you need to make sure that the fire you light is no nuisance to your neighbors. After all, there are neighbor rights that you need to keep track of all the way through. Secondly, you must only burn the rubbish that does not pollute the environment. That means, you can burn clean timber, dry garden waste, and cardboard. But you must never light up a fire for burning plastics or any toxic material. For instance, rubber, paints, or even oils. Lastly, you need to do your best to keep the fire contained. In fact, it is advised that you only light it in the middle and open area of your garden. This way, the fire will not spread around uncontrollably.

What happens when you burn rubbish in garden?

Before you decide to burn rubbish in garden, you need to look at the aftermath of such a decision. It will help you decide whether the fire you decide to light for burning the rubbish is worth it or not. Therefore, here are some outcomes you can encounter in the aftermath of rubbish burning in your backyard or garden:

  • You can expect to see an increase in air pollution. This is because of the smoke that will arise from the burning. Moreover, it can cause breathing issues for the residents and people in the surrounding neighborhood. 
  • These fires in the garden are a high risk of fire. In fact, most of the domestic fire accidents are a result of garden fires. Fire can easily spread to the fences or buildings that are close by.
  • There will be a lingering soot and smell in your garden. This can even spread to the neighborhood. And in such a case, the neighbors have a strong right to complain about this to the council. 
  • Garden fires can easily injure or end wildlife or sleeping pets. So many times, pets like to hide and sleep in the garden. Besides, there’s garden wildlife for you to consider as well if you plan to burn rubbish in garden.
  • More and more health issues will arise. The soot and smoke from the garden fires are always harmful to the wellbeing. They can – and do – easily cause so many health issues. 
  • Most harmful aftermath of a garden fire is the toxic pollution. If you mistakenly burn anything that causes toxic pollutants in the air, you will jeopardize the health of the whole neighborhood. 

Best time to burn rubbish in garden

Though there are no set times or days for you to burn rubbish in garden, it is wise to plan the fire more strategically. Besides, it helps ensure safety as well. Moreover, the most recommended time for a garden fire is in the morning. This way, the fire you light finished burning at dusk. In fact, early morning as well as early evening are also the best time for lighting fires in the backyard or garden. After all, these are the times when your neighbors will not be affected by the fire you light. Lastly, even after choosing the recommended time, you need to keep a watch on the fire to stop it from becoming a nuisance. Here’s what you need to look out for:

  • Neighbors must not have their laundry outside 
  • Check if the windows in the neighborhood are open
  • Watch out of neighbors have health conditions or any guests over
  • Check if the neighbors are planning any activity in their garden 
  • Make sure you do not light fire on a windy day

All these points will help you properly plan the fire for burning rubbish. Moreover, when you decide to burn rubbish in garden, let neighbors know of this. This way, both of the parties – you and the neighbors – can work around the decided schedule. Besides, this will prevent them from calling 999, thinking the fire in your garden is an emergency situation. 

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