Clean Garden stones have a big impact on the landscape of your garden. And if you have a garden outside your home, they can also impact the curb view and landscape of the property. Ultimately, affecting the property value as well. And though it is a chore that is more often overlooked, it is very crucial that you keep the stones in the garden cleaned. Therefore, whether you have big boulders dotted around the backyard or small decorative stones around flower beds, you must clean them if they are dirty. After all, these stones easily gather dust over time. Moreover, your garden or backyard is not tidy as long as these stones are not clean.

Luckily, if you want clean garden stones, the process is rather easy and simple. There is no need for you to turn this mundane task into quite a hassle. What’s more, the garden stones will look their best if you do regular checks along with the cleaning. As for the cleaning part, there are work-proven tips to help you handle the task easily. When you make these tips a standard practice, the stones in your garden will naturally stay clean and gleaming anew. 

Tips to Clean Garden Stones Easily

Contrary to common belief, there is no need to clean garden stones daily. So, if you want to keep them best-looking for the garden, you can do cleaning once a week. Besides, this way they can retain the natural look – making your garden look natural as well. But this is something that depends on the materials and overall design of your garden. Undoubtedly, dirty garden stones can ruin the overall aesthetic. Therefore, you need to pay attention to them even if you clean them weekly or biweekly. Here are some of the work-proven tips to help you clean garden stones:

Remove all loose debris

Before you clean garden stones, the most recommended task is to brush them with a broom. This helps you remove all the loose debris around the stones. This debris is unnecessary and adds nothing to the appeal of the garden. Moreover, you can also use a leaf blower to blow it away. Once the loose debris is removed, you can better clean and maintain the garden stones.

Use a hose for washing

After you remove all the loose debris, the next step to clean garden stones is straight washing. You do not have to worry about power washing or soft washing. You can just grab a hose and rinse the dirt off of the stones. And if you do this regularly, this small step will be enough to keep the garden tidy and the stones gleaming. The landscaping of your garden depends on this small step. So, pay attention to this. After all, most of the dirt is not that deep-coated when you do a daily rinse of the stones. And although it may sound like a time-consuming task, it is rather easy to incorporate in the daily schedule. 

Use a sop for scrubbing 

If you face any stubborn dirt, the way to clean garden stones is by using a soap. In fact, this is the best practice to get rid of unwanted dirt from stones that is set in a deep layer. Just a bit of soapy water and rinse with a rag or rubber, and the stones in your garden will look fresh and clean. Besides, what is some soapy scrubbing when the benefits of the task are a ton? And if you want to make the process even easier, you can first rinse the garden stones with a pressure wash. This will off-set the thick dirt layer and the rest will be easy to clean by hand scrubbing. 

Don’t let fungus/mold grow

The worst face-off you can have when you clean garden stones is with fungus or mold. This is the kind of thing that can spread around and ruin the landscape of your whole garden. Therefore, if you see any signs of fungus or mold, you need to act quickly and clean them before the damage spreads to the rest of the garden. And for this, you can use the anti-fungal and anti-mold products. But if you do, be careful that they are not toxic to the plants growing in your garden. 

What’s more, you can even use homemade solutions to get rid of the fungus and mold in your garden. For instance, many gardeners and home owners use a mix of vinegar and water for this purpose. This homemade solution is effective when it comes to removing most of the fungus and mold issues. But if the growth is thicker or if you do not like the smell of vinegar in your garden, you can opt for specialized outdoor cleaning products as well. 

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