External rubbish bin areas are designed for storage and collection of waste materials in outdoor settings. In fact, you can say that these areas are the central points for residents, businesses, or public places to dispose of their trash. Thanks to these areas, you can easily dispose of the trash – conveniently and hygienically. These areas are also known as the outdoor waste management areas. Moreover, the main aim behind these areas is surety of proper waste management, sanitation, and environmental sustainability. 

Needless to say, these are the dedicated areas for proper garbage collection. The scattering of waste in public areas and outdoors have declined thanks to these dedicated spaces. Thus, you can say that these areas promote garbage disposal in an efficient and hygienic way. What’s more, this minimizes the risk of health hazards. In fact, even the unpleasant odors stay at bay thanks to these dedicated areas for waste management and disposal. 

Typical rubbish bin areas

You must have noticed multiple garbage bins or containers when you are about and about the city; these are the typical rubbish bin areas for you. After all, these bins and containers are strategically placed for accommodating the waste of almost all kinds. For instance, the general waste, recyclables, hazardous materials, and even the organic waste. Moreover, you can expect to see these bins color-coded or labelled. The reason behind this is to help the public identify and stream the waste disposal. For instance, there is a color code for recyclables and a color code for organic waste. Some of these even have instructions to raise awareness about the proper waste disposal. 

Reason rubbish bin areas are effective

The main reason as to why rubbish bin areas are so effective is their design and layout. These areas are allowed an adequate space. And this space helps in accommodating the expected volume of generated waste from the surrounding areas. Moreover, because the area is easily accessible, the waste collection becomes seamless through vehicles. There’s never a hitch in waste collection when the area is accommodating and spacey. 

Besides, there is a proper maintenance procedure for these areas. It helps preserve cleanliness and hygiene. For instance, the cleaning and emptying of the containers and the bins is on a regular basis. In fact, there are periodic inspections to identify and address any issues that might be necessary. Plus, to prevent unauthorized access there are so many procedures that are under implementation. This ultimately helps deter vandalism and illegal dumping in the rubbish bin areas.

Qualities of perfect external rubbish bin areas

If you want to know what must be true of external rubbish bin areas, focus on these qualities. These are the standard set by waste management and disposal industry for perfect external garbage areas:

  • The flooring of these rubbish vaults must be in an excellent condition; they must have cleanable concrete finish that is smooth. After all, this ensures the reduced risk of contamination. 
  • There must be no water ingress or any standing water in the area. After all, standing water and water ingress both cause a growth of mold and bacteria. Thus, a proper drainage system is a necessity for such areas. It has to be dry for effective control of the waste. 
  • The pipework and utility needs to be sealed. This seal helps prevent the ingress of pests in the area. Otherwise, pests like rodents and other insects can enter the vaults and cause damage. These pests can even spread unwanted diseases in the surrounding areas. 
  • The brickwork needs to be sound – especially the mortar between bricks. This actually helps maintain the structural integrity of these rubbish bin areas. In fact, it also helps prevent the ingress of pests. After all, pests can slip through cracks and gaps in the brickwork – if any.
  • Sound and rodent-proof timber doors are a necessity. It helps provide secure access to the vault. Therefore, the doors have to fit tightly. What’s more, a metal kick plate at the foot of the doors helps deter gnawing and damage.
  • These rubbish bin areas must stay clean. So, it is a necessity to implement regular cleaning and removal of the waste from these areas. It helps keep them clean and hygienic. 

Additional information on rubbish bin areas

Although not many people know this, these rubbish bin areas must be accessible by the disabled people. And the distance between the collection vehicle and the storage area needs to be less than 10 meters. This makes the waste collection process seamless. Moreover, if there are any locks there, they need to have a standard ‘Fire Brigade’ pattern to help the emergency services in quickly accessing the area. And if there are any electronic gates and barriers controlling these areas, the waste collectors need to know the codes and arrangements for uninterrupted waste collection service. Lastly, the tenants need to be aware of the rubbish collection schedule. After all, this small step of schedule awareness helps promote the cooperation and ensures a proper waste disposal practice.

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